New Year, New Beginnings

Yes, yes, I know. First I fall off the radar for months, and now I’m back like a bad plate of sushi, promising shiny new things.

But …

This is real. I have had some majore 3D-world stuff to face down for the past six months or so, and in the midst of very nearly losing my Self, I realized something.

So what?

So what if I’m overwhelmed, over loaded, out of energy, and no longer know which way is up? It’s all about priorities, and it’s damn time I start setting those priorities for myself, rather than allowing the world around me to do the setting. After all, who has my best interests at heart? Me, or the schmoe who is far more concerned with the growth of his beach house hand he will ever be with my happiness, fulfillment, and financial future?

Well, if the answer isn’t a resounding, “ME! Dammit!” I have some serious problems.

But seriously …

I’ve made lists, and I’m knocking stuff off of them one-by-one. One items on the Twitching Grey Matter list is blogging. Blogging twice a week, to be specific. (I’m also blogging twice a week for my ittybiz, Online Sound Advice, but that’s another list entirely.)

As the year progresses, I will be revealing (slowly, because this is a big deal to me and honestly, it’s kind of scary) a massive project I’m taking on, and which will eventually be integrated into this blog. More on that in future posts though.

To those who have, from time to time, checked in here to see where I am and all, I say “thank you.” Really and truly.

For those who forgot that they hadn’t yet deleted this seemingly-defunct feed, I’m asking for another chance. Please.

Here We Go

This isn’t just some random resolution I’ve concocted for the New Year. This is my life. And this blog is the place in which I can bring together all of the random pieces and tidbits that make up who I am, and dump them out into what I hope is at least a semi-intelligible format for your consideration.

I’m still going to hit on communication, theology, quantum theory and mechanics, and all of the other things that fascinate me and hold my attention for uncharacteristically long periods of time. But I’m also going to do more. I’m on an adventure toward building enough varied streams of income to allow me to leave the 5th Circle (my current employer’s nickname … think Dante) without fear of losing my house.

Will it be easy?

Hell no.

Will it be worth it?

As my most beloved writer Madeleine L’Engle once wrote, “Anything on the side of life is worth a try.” And this is most decidedly on the side of life for me.

Welcome to the adventure. Again. I hope you’ll pull up a chair and join me.

3 Responses to New Year, New Beginnings
  1. Lana
    January 9, 2010 | 16:32

    I’ll join you!


  2. Mark W. "Extra Crispy" Schumann
    January 9, 2010 | 16:42

    I’m in!
    .-= Mark W. “Extra Crispy” Schumann´s last blog ..“Just Ship It.” =-.

  3. Carl
    January 10, 2010 | 09:23

    GO FOR IT! We support you and wish you the best of luck! I’m in.

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